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My mother and father learned the mussel business in Izmir. I was only 5 years old when I came to Istanbul with my family. I started to sell mussels in front of Tevfik Sağlam Primary School in Şişhane at the age of 7-8. When I was 12, I continued to sell my mussels on a mobile bench in front of the old Kemancı Bar in Taksim Sıraselviler.

When I was a kid, I used to sell water before I started selling mussels. My late mother would prepare my water bench and bring it to the İstiklal Karaköy Tunnel. People would get water from me as long as I was thirsty. I couldn’t go to school. I had to work. My only goal was to help and support my family. That was my first job. Then I continued to work in front of various schools. When I say I’ve never been to school, I can actually go to school everyday. I went to school every morning and noon.

The only thing I did until I went to the army was to work constantly, and when I returned, I decided to open a place rather than a mobile. I wanted to open a space and grow my business more. My musician-goers who knew and loved me around me were saying why you work this way, you should do something else, you can do better. I didn’t know where to start either. First I got myself a business card. I started to take delivery, my first service experience failed a lot, I was taking delivery with commercial taxi. I had to give 3 times the package to the taxi. I decided to open a store.

I opened a shop in the back streets of Beyoğlu, I wasn’t very lucky, and while dealing with problems, I finally hung the ’Midyeci Ahmet’ sign. I was able to endure for a month, I had to close 1.5 years in my own kitchen with my wife Deniz made our mussels. After a while, I opened the current Midyeci Ahmet in Beşiktaş with my own brand and my brand was registered.

We started this business with 1000 mussels in Beşiktaş. Together with my wife and two friends, we were producing, selling and struggling with our strength to become a good brand.

In the first mussel competition with my wife, we made 10,000 mussels by ourselves. For 18 hours we filled mussels for the contest. We organized the contest and got quite nice reactions.

We decided to organize our 2nd competition at the end of the 2nd year. One day through Instagram İzzet Çapa shared us, and with that sharing, people flocked to Midyeci Ahmet. Since that day, we are as enthusiastic and do our job with love as our first day. The moment of meeting with the taste that our customers like and consumed and I am fully proud of!

Bon Appetit Sir 🙂